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Special Interest Groups (SIG) and Chapters

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Many SIGs and regional chapters are established, and they conduct various railfan activities. Once you become a JRC member, you can join those groups and attend their meetings and /or various events. Some conditions may be applied to join the group, and additional group/chapter dues may be necessary.

By attending their meeting and events, you can communicate with other club members. They may have through knowledge on a special interest or information on current topics to share with you. Thus your railfan activities become a lot more exciting.

For details on Special Interest Groups (SIG) and Chapters, please call JRC administrative office.

List of SIGs

Name Interest Web Site
Rolling stock portrait Photographing portrait of rolling stocks
Reserch group on Psg. & Diesel cars Research on Psg. & Diesel cars Psg. & Diesel cars group
Reserch group on Freight cars Research on Freight cars
Reserch group on Odakyu Railroad activities on Odakyu Corp.
Reserch group on Tokyu Railroad activities on Tokyu Corp.
Reserch group on Nishi-Nippon Rwy. Railroad activities on Nishi-Nippon Rwy.
Wireless Armature wireless communications

List of chapters

Name Area Covered Sub groups Web Site
Hokkaido Hokkaido Hokkaido chapter
Aomori Aomori
Akita Akita
Yamagata Yamagata Yamagata chapter
Kita Kanto Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma
Tokyo Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba Private railwaysJR electric cars

Model railroading

Photo takings












Tokyo chapter

Saitama circle

Niigata Niigata Model railroading
Nagano Nagano, Yamanashi
Hokuriku Ishikawa, Toyama
Fukui Fukui Fukui chapter
Shizuoka Shizuoka
Nagoya Aichi, Gifu, Mie Gifu, Mie, Mikawa
Model railroading
Nagoya chapter
Kyoto Kyoto, Shiga Model railroading
Hanshin Osaka, Hyogo, Wakayama, Nara Classics
Model railroading
 Hanshin chapter
East Chugoku Okayama, Tottori, Eastern Hiroshima Camera
Model railroading (Nijikai)
Chugoku Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Shimane Model railroading
Historic research
Photo taking
Craft room
Chugoku chapter
Model railroadingphoto
Shikoku Shikoku Kagawa
Kyushu Eight prefectures in Kyushu
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