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Hello fellow railfans:
How do you enjoy the hobby of railroading? What aspect of railroading does attract your attention? It could be watching trains, riding passenger trains, model railroading and studying every thing about railroading. Our hobby offers very wide varieties to satisfy your interests.
Of course you can enjoy this hobby by yourself. Please think, however, meeting with fellow railfans can make your hobby much more interesting, letting you access to more information and bringing you lots more funs. Why don’t you join us now to enrich your hobby? You may say “I’m just a beginner” or “I don’t know much about railroads”. DO NOT WORRY! Anybody who is in a junior high school or senior can become our member to enjoy this wonderful hobby together. We are looking forward to welcome you as a new member.

SAEKI, Hiroshi President, JRC

If you are…

interested in railroads and junior high school student or senior, you are eligible to become our regular member. One time participation fee is 1,000 Japanese yen and Annual due is 6,400 JPY.
* Beginning with June 2008, any former member can rejoin us without paying participation fee. Former members please take this advantage and come back to see us!
* If you join us during the middle of a fiscal year, annual dues may be discounted according to the number of remaining months. Please take a look at MEMBERSHIP FEES for details.

Once you join the JRC…

You receive “RAILFAN”, our bi-monthly publication. It contains 52 pages of research reports, regional news by our members and notices from our various organizations. Besides you will also receive special issues like “Research on railroad stocks” and “List of preserved cars and abandoned cars”.
You can recommend railroad writings for “Hideo Shima prize for superior railroad writings”.
*Author may not be a member of JRC.

You can enjoy various discounts. Our regular member can purchase tickets at discount on places like Subway Museum in Tokyo, and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park in Nagoya. Some JR-East hotels also give discounts for our members. Please call JRC administrative office for details.

You can access members only pages in JRC web site to find information posted by various JRC organizations.

You can participate in various activities hosted by JRC SIGs and chapters. SIGs are research groups for specialized railroad topics. Chapters are local gathering of JRC members to seek regional railroad interests. For details of those groups, please call JRC administrative office.

* Some conditions may be applied to join the group, and additional group/chapter dues may be necessary.
* Only JRC members can join those SIGs and chapters and/or participate their activities.

Various activities (monthly meetings, photo shootings, train rides, seminars, model railroad operations, etc) are hosted by JRC as well as its SIGs and chapters. By attending those activities, you can communicate with other club members. They may have through knowledge on a special interest or information on current topics to share with you. Thus your railfan activities become a lot more exciting.

Some books and magazines, which are edited and/or reviewed by JRC may be offered at discount for JRC members.

If you would like to join JRC please refer “New members / annual dues”. For further information please call JRC administrative office.

Downloading JRC brochure:

“Invitation to JRC”, which explains how to join JRC, annual dues and our WEB page, can be downloaded for your convenience.

Invitation to JRC
(PDF file size 1MB Japanese)
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