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JRC 2019 Blue Ribbon Prize and Laurel Prize

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JRC 2019 Blue Ribbon Prize and Laurel Prize

Japan Railfan Club, President Hiroshi Suda, approximately three thousand members, awarded 2019 Blue Ribbon Prize to Odakyu Electric Railway Company type 70000 EMU mainly used as the sightseeing express train for《Hakone》.

Also, Sagami Railway Company type 20000 EMU and Eizan Electric Railway Company type deo-730 electric car have chosen 2019 Laurel Prize as excellent rolling stock.

Both awards were decided by the Blue Ribbon Prize & Laurel Prize Selection Committee of JRC (BR&LPSC). BR Prize chosen based on the club member’s vote as the best rolling stock, while Laurel Prize by discussion of BR&LPSC members as recognizing excellence equipment.

Blue Ribbon Prize

Odakyu Electric Railway Company type 70000 EMU

photo by JRC

Type 70000 EMU, for the limited express service, started revenue service in March 2018 since type 60000 EMU which started revenue service ten years ago. Nick name of this 70000 is GSE stand for “Graceful Super Express”. This EMU consists seven cars, overall length of each car is 20 meter which adjust for platform door. The 70000 colored vivid Rose vermillion lively.

The distinction of this 70000 is front observation seats section. Wind shield is big-wide 3D spherical glass and front design is consists sharp edge. For the passengers convenient such as big luggage space underneath the seats, high spec. sound system, in-ride Wi-Fi and other comfort facility. Also wheel chair space, barrier-free facilities for disabilities. Drive unit is also adopted newest technology for passenger comfort. BR&LPSC, has selected this type 70000 EMU for Blue Ribbon Prize because of traditional legacy of past Odakyu limited express cars while adopted new technology, design for new century.

Laurel Prize

Sagami Railway Company type 20000 EMU

photo by JRC

Type 20000 EMU is made for through operation to Tokyo down town from Yokohama area pass through by the Tokyu Shin-Yokohama Line which complete latter 2022. Design concept is based on Sagami Railway Company’s CI concept “Design Brand-up Project” influenced to front deign, room light, body color called “Yokohama Navy Blue”.

This car design based on through operation system, the body constructs aluminum double skin and front musk decoration design is forgotten required emergency door presence.

Type 20000 EMU adopts the state-of-the- art technology instruments corresponding to the direct operation and drive unit of VVVF inverter drive control system.

The passenger space of 20000 is unified in a gray tone, and the all long seats (seat set along the side body) placed establishing the universal design seat and the free space in the car end.

BR&LPSC awarded one of the Laurel Prize to this 20000 because of above reason.

Eizan Electric Railway Company type deo-730 electric car《Hiei》

photo by JRC

Eizan Electric company type deo-730 electric car《Hiei》
Type deo-730(no.732《Hiei》)electric car debut as the sightseeing train of Eizan line for the promotion of the Kyoto sightseeing of “Mt. Hiei-zan Enryakuji temple, Lake Biwa sightseeing route “, remodeled type deo-730 (no.732).

Prototype deo-730 debuted in 1988 adopting the high efficiency driving system of Cardin drive, and equiped the air-conditioning system and autocrat driving. This time, no.732 electric car body completely refurbished except the underframe and framework.

The gloss dark green body color remind us the deep forest of Mt. Hiei-zan, and the impressive elliptic design which used many parts images “a mysterious atmosphere” and “the dynamism beyond the space-time” along the Eizan line, and the gold color stripe of side body images the mountain fog of Mt. Hiei-zan. The front mask design which illumination is placed in the front elliptic ring inside is very original and harmonizes with the cityscape of tasteful North Kyoto. No.732 car adopts the long seat which is useful for commuting transportation, and also for the sightseeing use is considered. No.732 renovates as the reuse of the main driving motor and bogie from Keihan Electric Railway type 5000 EMU.

Type 730 (no.732) has fixed the tourist train which needs no extra charge on the Eizan line, and has evaluated the contribution not only the visitor from the inside and outside the country but also the commuting transportation, and BR&LPSC selected type deo-730(No.732) as the 2019 Laurel Prize

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