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JRC 2020 Blue Ribbon Prize and Laurel Prize

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JRC 2020 Blue Ribbon Prize and Laurel Prize

June 5, 2020

Japan Railfan Club, President Hiroshi Suda, approximately three thousand members, awarded 2020 Blue Ribbon Prize to Seibu Railway Company type 001 EMU nicknamed as《Laview》mainly used as the sightseeing express train for《Chichibu》as the most excellent rolling stock.

Also, Shikoku Railway Company (JR-Shikoku) type 2700 DMU have chosen 2020 Laurel Prize as excellent rolling stock.
Both awards were decided by the Blue Ribbon Prize & Laurel Prize Selection Committee of JRC (BR&LPSC). Blue Ribbon Prize chosen based on the club member’s vote as the best rolling stock, while Laurel Prize by discussion of BR&LPSC members as recognizing excellence equipment.

“The 63rd” Blue Ribbon Prize
Seibu Railway Company type 001 EMU

“The 60th” Laurel Prize
Shikoku Railway Company (JR-Shikoku) type 2700 DMU

Blue Ribbon Prize
Seibu Railway Company type 001 EMU

Photo: Japan Railfan Club

Seibu Rwy. Co. type 001 EMU is the new express train for replace type 10000 EMU《New Red Arrow》that had operated since 1994, and started revenue service in March, 2019.

Type 001 EMU describes, the company reaching the 100th anniversary in 2012 and hope this《100》will the new flag ship rolling stock toward next 100 years, and also 001 express backward of 100. Also this could meaning of“∞”(infinity).

The nickname《Laview》of this EMU stand for“Living”,“Luxury”space with speed like“Arrow”while enjoying“View”from big window.
The concept of this design “Fade in to the scenery in the City, in the Nature”has been materialized by distinctive spherical front design, mat silver body color scheme, big side windows so on. This body is made of aluminum alloy double skin structure and size adjusted for operation through to Tokyo Metro line.

The passenger room is comfortable space and color scheme is based on brightly yellow. The seats equipped the movable headrest and AC power outlet. Concerning accommodation, the free space in passenger room, space for the wheelchair and the adjacent multipurpose restroom are available for the use with an electric powered wheelchair. In addition, reflecting the opinion of the woman, the hand-dryer and the magnifying mirror are installed in the washroom and the powder room.

For the driving unit, electric power saving and low noise to adopt the latest VVVF inverter control unit. The bogie truck adopts the bolsterless air suspension system that make riding comfort. And the latest train information management device is equipped and supports safe operation service.

Type 001 EMU has stylish, distinctive design appearance and high quality, enriched, improvement passenger accommodation. Maintenance free, high reliability by the adoption of the latest standard made this 001 EMU completeness is high. The BR&LPSC evaluated them and chose it in Blue Ribbon Prize.

Laurel Prize
Shikoku Railway Company (JR-Shikoku) type 2700 DMU

Photo: Japan Railfan Club

Shikoku Rwy. Co. type 2700 DMU is produced for replacement for the world’s first controlled pendulous system type 2000 DMU which became 30 years old, and started revenue service on August 2019 as Ltd. Express《Uzushio》in Koutoku Line.

This DMU equipped the controlled pendulous system to operate in the mountain lines such as JR-Shikoku Dosan line which has many sharp curves. Two 450PS diesel engines and hydraulic transmission equipped each car. Even though type 2700 DMU’s power unit, outside appearance, passenger accommodations are designed based on 2600 DMU that debuted 2016, but light weight body etc. made it technically corpus.

The body is made of the lightweight stainless steel structure, and front part body structures is made of the steel. Interior of these cars, green class (first class) car chic brownish color scheme makes the calm environment, and standard class car’s blue color scheme sheets and woody feeling floor makes impressive atmosphere.

Type 2700 DMU adopts LED indirect lighting system, AC Power outlet of each seat, large table and LAN system in the car, realizes the high quality facilities for passengers. Standard class car equipped the wheelchair space and the multi-functional restroom, and first class car equipped multipurpose room.

Recently most rolling stocks that has tilted system uses air suspension system, however, this 2700 DMU uses traditional controlled pendulous system for engineering heritage. With high standard technique and passenger accommodation, BR&LPSC chose this as Laurel Prize.

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