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Hideo Shima Prize for superior railroad writings

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Hideo Shima Prize for superior railroad writings

JRC established Hideo Shima Prize to celebrate authors of superior railroad books and articles, and help continuing dynamism of our hobby. Name of this prize stands for Mr. Shima who was the first president of JRC, and we obtained a permission from his survivors to use his name to remember his contributions to JRC. We convince it should encourage authors who receive this prize. Followings are details of category and selection process.


Three different categories provided for selection.


Winner(s) is determined from author(s) of superior railroad book


Winner(s) is determined from author(s) of superior railroad article, which was published in periodicals.


Selection committee may awards the prize to notable contribution to our hobby other than books or articles. Those contributions include planning, reproduction, presentation, distribution and other contributions relating railroad publications.

Terms and conditions

Corresponding term begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st every year. Publishing date is determined by the date on publication for both books and periodicals.

Author does not have to be a member of JRC.

Selection process

Ten senior members, who are appointed by the president, form the selection committee. Current chairman of the committee is Mr. Yasuyuki Nishino.

JRC members and publishing companies, which are appointed by the committee, can recommend nominees for book and periodical categories to the committee.Committee members can recommend nominees for special category to the committee.

Above recommendation may be submitted starting from January through the end of March every year. Those submissions are brought to the committee for evaluation to determine the winners.

Announcement and awards

The committee announces name of winners promptly after its determination. JRC issues the certificate and gives the plaque to winners to celebrate their contributions.

List of winners and their contributions(Japanese)
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